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Payconiq the new payment method


Payconiq is the mobile omnichannel solution that facilitates payments. Mobile payment via Payconiq is easy: you only have to scan a QR code with an Apple or Android smartphone. Payments go directly through the Payconiq that is already linked to your bank account. Payconiq was established at the end of 2015 and is a joint initiative of ING, SNS, Rabobank, RegioBank, ASN, Belfius, KBC and BNP. Since its launch, more than 50,000 stores have joined this payment method. Making payments with Payconiq is fast and user-friendly. First of all, download the free Payconiq app for iOS or Android. You then need to link your bank account to the app. The Payconiq app works together with all Dutch banks and the link to the app is simple and one-off. Once the bank account is linked, you can immediately use Payconiq to pay!

With Payconiq you can easily pay in a webshop or in a physical store by scanning a QR code:

The specific QR code appears in the app

You scan the code with your smartphone.

Then you only need to approve the amount in the Payconiq app by means of a four-digit code, finger scan or a Face ID. Payment is then completed. As (web) shopkeeper, the transaction will appear on his screen. And you paid!

Why Payconiq?

Mobile payment is more than just a nice gadget. The new Payconiq system is guaranteed not to cause any extra hassle: it is an extension that is easy to integrate with existing systems.

Wide blade levers VS 400/600/700/750/800/1400

Item No.: 453-107

39,99 14,99 You Save: 63%
Of betaal in 3 termijnen zonder extra kosten Meer info
Why bying from Motorman-Outlet

+ FREE shipping up to 10 kilos for orders from 150,00 (DHL Sevice point)

+ Very good service

+ High quality, low prices

+ Quick and good delivery

+ Trusted webshop

+ Best deals

+ Right of withdrawl unless stated otherwise

+ We pay for return within 7 days (Netherlands)

+ Easy payment!

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Delivery times
Delivery Time:
In stock: No warranty, Return possible


FOR SUZUKI VS 700/750/1400 INTRUDER <-'90,


For the VS 400/600/800 the following must be adapted: The brake liver must be adapted. On the original liver a projection that sits the remlichtschakelaartje serves. By here something on the liver sticking is solve it ly.
Seizures to slow down and at cross-belt Len
Comfort is also improves by the broader handhold.
The trade stands approximately 0.5 cm dense at the handles
Models broader than gene which you have now
Nicely wound up as a result of which it sensed better
Something dense at your wheel as a result of which couples and slows down still more easily goes
In short if you have tried these you want nothing else more
Chromed by couple
No guarantee
Last Stock , when it's gone it's gone
Wide blade levers VS 400/600/700/750/800/1400 does not have any reviews yet. Share your experiences and post a review.

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126,65 55,00
44,99 17,45
In stock: No warranty, Return possible
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