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KettenMax Classic

Item No.: KettenMax
Motorman Outlet

KettenMax Classic

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Delivery Time:
In stock: Have, send an email to motorman1@gmail.com)
Shipping method
DHL Netherlands up to 20 kilos (Track & Trace, Insured up to 500.00, Not delivered to the neighbors) (1 - 2 Days):
KettenMax Classic

We find one more in our warehouse and deliver it for enthusiasts

The complete solution for cleaning your chain!
KettenMax Classic is the forerunner of all existing KettenMax products.
KettenMax Classic can be used with all chain cleaners and chain sprays available on the market.
More than 100,000 pieces have already been sold!
With the KettenMax products you extend your chain life and gears.
Not only lubrication, but also cleaning is of great importance for your chain.
This is a must for every motorcyclist!

KettenMax classic consists of
1 Top part KettenMax Classic
1 KettenMax Classic part
3 Spray brushes, double executed
4 Cleaning brushes, lateral
2 Brush strippers
3 hose connections with thread
1 Lock rubber
1 Empty vial for chain cleaner
1 Lubrication adapter
1 Large hook
2 Small hooks
2 Fastening cord
1 Connection hose long
2 Connect the connecting hoses shortly
1 Y splitter
1 Screw cap with hose connection

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